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We offer an extensive range of services within inspection, technical consultancy and claims handling directed towards the shipping and transportation industry.

To the point - since 1939

A long history as a market leader in providing independent inspection and verification services to the maritime industry

About us

As a company with long history going back almost a century, NMCS has established itself as a market leader within the independet inspection and marine surveying industry in Norway. We have a solid team of more than 40 surveyors and industry experts, strategically located around the Norwegian coast, and maintain a wide network of partners all over Scandinavia and Europe.

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Whats going on?

Position available - Maritime Cargo Surveyor / Loading Master

We have an open position as Maritime Cargo Surveyor / Loading Master in Kristiansund, Norway. Please see the complete listing here.

NMCS accepts open applications from persons with maritime or cargo surveyor backgrounds

We expect open positions at various locations in Norway later in the spring 2022. Positions available are both permanent and seasonal. If you are interested and have a cargo surveyor or maritime background, we are happy to receive your open application at post@cargosurvey.no.

GAFTA Certified Superintendent certification renewed

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully renewed our GAFTA Member Superintendent Certification.

Currently we are the only survey company in Norway and Sweden approved by GAFTA. We work continuously to deliver services of the highest standards to our customers, and the recertification is an evidence of our continuous effort to reach the highest level of quality.


Metal scrap surveys

NMCS is the largest survey company in Norway. We are covering most of Norway with local, 100% employed surveyors and can provide quantity, quality and marine inspection services for a wide range of industries.

We have now become the preferred provider of weight determination by draft survey for Lutelandet Offshore AS and other actors within the metal scrap industry in Scandinavia. For scrap iron we can now issue the following certificates for cargoes with destination to most European countries:

  • Quality Certificate
  • Weight Certificate (Draft Survey)
  • Non Explosive Certificate
  • Non Radioactivity Certificate
  • Origin Certificate or T2L
  • Non Hazardous Certificate
  • Non Asbestos Certificate

ISO certification renewal

We are proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company since 2005 and the certification was renewed recently.

ISO Certification is an internationally recognized standard that ensures services meet the clients' needs throught an effective quality managment system.

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NMCS operates as normal

Our activity is currently running normally and NMSC is not critically affected by the COVID-19 virus outbreak at our branches in Norway. In order to reduce risk and secure our execution of services, we have initiated a range of measures and precautions. As an important party in order to secure and maintain the flow of goods into the country, NMCS has initiated new and more stringent measures in order to limit/prevent infection.

We have implemented a range of new hygiene measures in the company and have a great focus on this among our employees. In addition, all physical meetings, gatherings, seminars and conferences etc. have been cancelled. Travelling in connection with surveys shall primarily be performed by using the company’s service cars – we try to avoid public transportation. Employees that have been on vacation or come from areas with high risk must work from home for a period of 14 days.

On all plants and terminals where we are represented, we are subject to the local HMS regulations. Our inspectors have been instructed to avoid entering into vessel’s accomodation, avoid close contact with the vessel’s crew and to maintain a practice where documents etc. shall, as far as possible, be exchanged in open air.

The administration of NMCS is following the development continously and adapt to the situation in accordance with requirements given by the authorities.

Corona virus (2019-nCoV) outbreak

In connection with the outbrake of the corona virus, we encourage everyone to follow the advices given by local health authorities and to keep themselves updated on the latest information available at fhi.no.

For on/off-signing crew members and crew member intending to go ashore in ports and terminals where NMCS is enforcing ISPS access control, we refer to the guidelines on this matter published on the website of the Norwegian Maritime Authorities.

TOPIC: Incoterms 2020

Together with Rigmor Herland, former Claims Handler in Gjensidige ASA, we have arranged an intern training for NMCS's employees - "Incoterms 2020".

Icoterms importance, all aspects of usage and newly introduced changes were discussed during this training. Our Claims Department is pleased to share the knowledge and offer the mentioned training for our customers, partners and other interested both in Norway and abroad.

For more details, write e-mail to post@cargosurvey.com.

TOPIC: MARPOL Annex II inspections

NMCS is, as of 8th December 2017, approved by the NMA (Norwegian Maritime Authorities) for conducting MARPOL Annex II inspections in conection with prewash procedures and prewash exemption applications.

Operators and vessels in need of MARPOL inspections are requested to make direct contact with an Approved Supplier to arrange the time and price for survey. Please read more about the process here.