Vessel Condition Surveys

Condition Surveys may vary markedly based on the requirements of the client and the purpose of the survey. Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey conducts both visual surveys of vessel’s open decks and cargo compartments, often required during an on/off-hire survey in order to affirm any recent damages, and more extensive surveys that may involve a detailed inspection of vessel’s hull, machinery, equipment and certification. In any case, the client requirements will be carefully evaluated and the survey performed by experienced surveyors with technical expertise in the required area.

Ultrasonic Testing

Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey conducts ultrasonic hatch cover leak detection testing. Hatch cover testing and leak detection remain the weak link in the chain for many owners, surveyors and insurers. Only ultrasonic testing gives the surveyor the correct assessment of the required compression between rubber packing and compression bar.

We use the highly advanced Sherlog ultrasonic testing equipment manufactured by SDT International. For further details we would like to refer to the SDT International website:

For further information of our ultrasonic testing services please visit this page.

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