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Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey offer services related to measurement and quantity calculation for a wide range of transported dry bulk and liquid products. Our services include measurement of shore and ship tanks before, during and after loading. We carry out verifications of dry bulk quantities loaded or discharged over certified weigh scales. We also perform quantity determination by means of draft survey and have a specially trained and highly professional group of surveyors for this purpose.


Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey conducts visual quality inspections and simple on-site analyses. We perform sampling, packing and shipment of samples for further quality analysis at external laboratories according to current regulations and customer requests. We attend during the whole loading or discharging operation to make sure that the product is handled correct at all stages of the operation and that the quality of the product is maintained at all times. Any irregularities will be investigated and reported to the appropriate party and necessary reports and documentation will be issued.


The importance of taking representative samples of the whole quantity is imperative in the quality control of a shipment. Different products, locations, international regulations and clients may require different methods and procedures for sampling.

Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey performs sampling according to existing international regulations, contractual agreements and customer requests and has long experience in procedures for obtaining representative and correct samples of various products.

As a member superintendent of recognized international bodies, all our sampling procedures are performed in compliance with current regulations and recommendations. Examples are sampling according to FOSFA, GAFTA and solid biofuels SS/EN 14778:2011

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