Preloading Survey

Most commodities shipped must be protected from contamination from various sources. Some dry bulk cargoes are sensitive to humidity, some are exposed to attack from vermin and insects and some may risk decomposition if contained in wrong environment. Most liquid cargoes can potentially be contaminated by external sources and other liquids such as a different cargo in an adjacent cargo tank, incorrect temperatures and even hazardous chemical reactions with other liquid or substances. A thorough tank cleanliness survey is therefore of utmost importance and may include a wide range of inspection methods depending on the type of product that is to be loaded.

As our core business concerns inspection of products that will be used for human food or animal feed we emphasize the importance of a through cleanliness survey before loading of products into ship's holds and tanks, shore tanks, railway carriages, trucks, containers etc. To avoid contamination, the condition of any cargo discharged is also thoroughly inspected before it is transferred to another location.

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