Pre-purchase Survey

Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey provides independent surveyors for sale and purchase surveys of pre-owned vessels.
When a potential purchase of a vessel is considered a thorough and detailed inspection of the vessel early in the process is required. This includes an assessment of the condition of her hull, machinery, service systems, equipment, certificates and much more.

A pre-purchase survey is generally much more detailed than a regular condition survey. The survey should include, where possible, an inspection of the outer hull when the vessel is out of the water and function testing of all the vessel’s systems such as propulsion, steering and auxiliary machinery, electrical installation and cargo handling systems. The structural integrity and water-tightness of the hull will also be subject to a thorough inspection where the current state of the vessel together with the overall level of maintenance compared to her age will be assessed. The vessel’s condition with regard to statutory and class certification will also be a central issue for the survey.

Upon completion of the survey, a clear and detailed report will be issued to the client describing the condition, quality and any faults of the vessel at time of survey. The report will also include recommendations for any rectifications of defects and a general conclusion of the overall condition of the vessel. The report will serve as a comprehensive source for the client when making the decision whether to carry on with the purchase process or not.

Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey has a vast array of experienced surveyors with background from many disciplines within the maritime industry. This includes naval architects, mechanical engineers, master mariners and staff with background in law and insurance.

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