Marine and Insurance Surveys

In today’s comprehensive global market, cargo is being transported in many different transport modes, including by Sea, Air, Road and Railway. These transport modes expose the cargo to potential hazards individually, but often the transport modes are combined, thus increasing the risk for potential damages during transport and/or handling.

As these shipments often have high values, it is essential for Shippers, Consignees, Carriers and Insurance Companies to have the cargo surveyed in order to determine cause, nature and extent of damages, including the possibility of mitigating any loss with a short response time. As all types of cargo have their unique properties, the surveyors must have broad experience and knowledge of the various types of cargo being transported in today’s comprehensive market.

Our company have 40 in-house surveyors with thorough experience as Marine- and Cargo Surveyor’s, covering Norway from South to North, including most coastal cities.
In order to maintain knowledge of various cargo types and transport terms, our surveyor’s are regularly given the necessary courses/education in order to maintain a high level of professionalism for our customers.

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