Hull & Machinery Surveys

This segment covers damage to ship’s hull, machinery, construction parts, piers and harbour constructions, such as cranes, conveyor belts etc. It is understood that these damages can involve vast claims, not only for the actual damage and repairs, but also consequential damages.

In today’s maritime business, it is very critical for vessel to operate on schedule, and avoid being detained pending repairs. By having a surveyor present at the place of accident as soon as possible is critical in order to check damages, take statements, collect evidence and documents. At the same time it is of high importance to have contact with class surveyors, ship yards and construction engineers in order to commence swift and reasonable measures.

Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey operates around the entire coast of Norway, with a very short response time. During our years of experience, we have obtained a network of ship and pier repair companies, local structural engineers and authorities. This allows us to provide excellent and quick surveys  within this segment of the shipping industry.

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