Ethical Guidelines



1. General

NMCS is an independent, private inspection company for Norwegian and foreign companies.

NMCS shall work to ensure that all employees have working conditions and development opportunities that strengthen the company's competitiveness and profitability, thus creating a basis for security, confidence and growth.

1.1 About the guidlines

In order to succeed in our vision and goals, our work and our conduct must be based on values that create trust, confidence and respect among our customers and partners, and everyone we come into contact with during the course of our work.

The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify NMCS' expectations for personal conduct, so that you perform your work in an ethically correct manner. As an employee of NMCS, you shall be secure in the knowledge that your employer supports and defends you when you perform your work in accordance with the guidelines.

1.2 Scope and responsibility

These guidelines apply to all employees of NMCS at all levels, including temporary employees and contractors.

All those who are covered by these guidelines have an obligation to familiarise themselves with them and help to ensure that they are followed. Managers have a special responsibility for follow-up and shall be perceived as good role models. NMCS employees must also be conscious of how their private behaviour can affect confidence in NMCS.           

The guidelines are an expression of NMCS' basic view on responsible and ethical behaviour. They are not exhaustive and do not cover all ethical issues that might arise. If you are in any doubt whether a certain action or decision is ethically responsible, you must contact head office.

1.3 Basic expectations

  • You behave professionally and with care, integrity and objectivity.
  • You refrain from actions that might weaken confidence in NMCS.
  • You treat everyone you come into contact with in the course of your work with courtesy and respect.

2. Personal behaviour

You shall contribute to NMCS having a good working environment, characterised by equality, diversity, openness and tolerance.

2.1 Discrimination

NMCS does not accept any form of persecution, discrimination or other improper behaviour towards colleagues or others you come into contact with as an employee of NMCS.

2.2 Alcohol and drugs

NMCS is an alcohol and drug free workplace. You must not therefore be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while you are performing work for NMCS. Limited quantities of alcohol may however be served when local practice and special occasions make this suitable, provided that it is not combined with activities that are not compatible with the use of intoxicants. You shall not use intoxicants in any way that could put you or NMCS, or possibly other business connections, in an unfortunate light. You shall show consideration to colleagues who for various reasons do not drink alcohol.

2.3 Confidentiality

You treat sensitive information with care and loyalty, even when you are not under a specific obligation of secrecy. You treat information that you receive from customers and partners as confidential.

2.4 NMCS property

NMCS equipment and property, including vehicles, computer equipment, telephones, work clothes and office materials, shall primarily be used for work-related purposes.

2.5 Travel, events etc.

NMCS employees are expected to behave in accordance with these guidelines when they are on business or service travel or at courses or other events. In international contexts, we are conscious of how we are perceived, so that we always behave in a manner that maintains confidence in NMCS.

2.6 The environment

You are conscious of the consequences your actions can have for the environment.

2.7 Social media

NMCS employees must be conscious in their use of social media and display normal common sense and respect for others in social media, as well as being loyal to their colleagues and NMCS. We must ensure at all times that private opinions do not appear to be NMCS' opinions. Social media shall not be used for marketing.

3. Integrity and possible conflicts of interest

3.1 Integrity

NMCS is against all forms of corruption. As an employee of NMCS, you shall not handle a case or seek to influence a decision if there are special circumstances that might weaken confidence in your impartiality. You shall not accept or seek to obtain benefits for yourself or closely- related persons that are unsuitable or might be thought to damage confidence in NMCS. You shall not demand or accept personal rewards in return for your services. You say no to gifts or other goods that might be perceived to be improper benefits in the context of your employment. Neither shall you offer gifts or hospitality that might be perceived to be improper benefits for the recipient, or that might cause doubt about the recipient's integrity or NMCS' reputation.

3.2 Theft/Fraud

If an employee is caught in theft or fraud and there is evidence or admission of guilt, this will lead to termination of employment. Such cases shall be handled specifically and in accordance with legislation and regulations.

3.3 Board memberships, secondary jobs and paid assignments

All board memberships, secondary jobs and paid assignments outside NMCS shall be cleared with the Managing Director in advance.

4. Notification

NMCS wishes to have an open company culture in which there is acceptance of taking up concerns and raising criticism. If you experience or observe an unacceptable situation, you should notify management. An unacceptable situation here means a breach of legislation or of clearly communicated internal guidelines.

5. Infringement

Infringement of NMCS' ethical guidelines may lead to a disciplinary reaction, in the form of a warning, termination of employment or dismissal.

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