On / Off-hire Surveys

During change of owner, time charter etc. a condition survey and/or bunker survey will be required to establish the condition of the vessel prior to change. This is a vital part in order to protect the interests and investments of the different parties.

Condition Survey

The condition survey will include elements such as inspection of loading gear, cargo holds and hatches and to document the general condition of the vessel at the date and time of the survey. Any damages or other findings will be thoroughly reported and documented in our report, which can be used to substantiate claims. A condition survey is often conducted in combination with a bunker survey.

Bunker Survey

Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey has an experienced staff of bunker surveyors who conduct quantity measurements in order to state the amount of marine fuel oils onboard at a certain stage. A detailed measurement report and a bunker quantity certificate will be issued to confirm the found quantities. The survey is typically done prior to and after a time charter period when the vessel goes on or off hire, but we can also do quantity surveys in connection with bunker deliveries.

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